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Volunteers are the hearts and hands of our programs. There are lots of ways you can help.

You can deliver Meals on Wheels, become a Friendly Visitor, help out in a C.C. Café, or provide administrative support in our office in Walnut Creek.

When you get involved, you help local seniors stay healthy, safe, and social.

What does a home meal delivery driver do?

Once a week, you pick up and deliver 12-16 meals to homebound seniors. Meals are delivered between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. They’re packaged in thermal containers and stay hot for up to 2 hours.

Along with meals, drivers deliver smiles and conversation. You check in on your seniors and make sure they’re healthy and safe.

Detailed driving directions are included along with each meal. You’ll use your own car and must carry personal liability insurance.

To volunteer with Meals on Wheels,  call Sharon Fitzgerald at (925) 937-8607 or sign up online.

What does a Friendly Visitor do?

A Friendly Visitor is a trusted friend and a helping hand. You’ll visit your senior once a week for about an hour. You can meet at a time that works for both of you, even in the evening or on the weekend.

During your visit, just enjoy spending time together and have fun. You can play games, read books, go grocery shopping, or simply share stories.

When you sign up to be a volunteer, we’ll ask you about yourself and what you like to do. Then, we’ll match you with a senior who shares your interests and whom we think you’ll enjoy.

Right now, 100 seniors are waiting to be matched with a Friendly Visitor.

To volunteer with Friendly Visitors, fax the Friendly Visitors volunteer form to Cynthia Black at (925) 946-1869. For more information call Cynthia at (925) 937-8311 or request information online.

What does a volunteer at C.C. Cafés do?

You can take reservations over the phone, help set up for lunch, greet diners, or help serve food.

To volunteer at a C.C. Café, call the manager of the cafe where you would like to work.

Bay Point
Manager: Shirley Garrison
(925) 458-2662

Manager: Katy Chumbley
(925) 825-1488

Manager: Helen Hatcher
(510) 787-1341

Manager: Aloha Baker
(925) 439-2136

Manager: Helen Mello
(510) 799-2706

Walnut Creek
Manager: Shirley Guri
(925) 280-7310

What does an office volunteer do?

There are lots of ways you can help out in the office. You can:

  • Answer phones.
  • Prepare mailings.
  • Help with special projects.
  • Do research online or on the phone.
  • Computer work.
  • Make sure our databases are up to date.

Your duties will vary based on your experience and what you feel comfortable doing.

I don’t have very much time, but I want to help.
What can I do?

If you don’t have very much time, we invite you to volunteer at our special events. We always need help with things like ticket sales, fundraising, and event staffing.

You could also sign up to be a substitute Meals on Wheels driver. We would call you when a regular driver isn’t available.

How do I learn more about volunteering?

For general information about volunteering, call (925) 937-8311.